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Hey there! It’s Garinè (well… you can call me “G”)  – Your product photographer, and hopefully someone who will also inspire you to reach your greatest potential!

One of the common questions that I get from E-commerce business owners is ” how do I get white background photography without wasting hours on editing the image?”

Well… I have actually asked the same question after spending sleepless nights over a period of months to figure that out not only to get white background photography but most importantly to prove to people around me that I am capable of achieving major things even though I’m a female…

Yes, you read that right…

A Female!

A quick story about me: You probably figured out by now that my family is quite conservative and old school.

I love and appreciate everything they have done for me, but the idea of a “female” should not be working and that’s a “men’s job” was something that has always bothered me.

Long story short, one day my family decided to take their jewelry business online and start an E-commerce website…

Their search for a product photographer for their business was unsuccessful.

And yes, that was a great opportunity for me to jump in and become their “product photographer”

At that time, I had just got done with my bachelor’s degree in business management (and of course I wasn’t supposed to go to work) So I decided to step up and tell them I will be the one who will take care of the photography…

Oh by the way with ZERO photography background!!

For some reason, I thought it was going to be a piece of cake…

Well… guess what? it was a nightmare!

I spent months and sleepless nights to figure this out because this was my opportunity for me to prove myself.

Finally, things started to get better. I was able to figure this whole thing out and my photos started to look crisp, clean and inviting…

Did I think about giving up? Oh, many times!

Was it easy? Heck no!

I stuck to it and now I proudly own and operate my own successful product photography business…

If there is one thing I can tell you is:

Life is too short not to work on reaching your greatest potential!

If you have a big dream but thought it was impossible to achieve… Make sure you face it, because all the fun inspiration and impact is on the other side of obstacles and fear.

With that said, if you’re not going to become a photographer, then don’t spend countless hours figuring this out.


Help you save time

Increase your credibility in the market with crisp and clean photography of your products

Grow your E-commerce sales with appealing product photography

We look forward to working on your projects soon : )

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