How do you get REAL hard shadows next to the products?

Well, there are 2 ways you could do so.

But before diving into the ways, did you know why most e-commerce 3rd party platforms required you to have your photos on a white background?

Because the white background will help the viewer to focus only on the product without getting them distracted from other movements in the photo.

However, we all know to have a variety of photos of your product is the best way to show your viewer the quality and the feeling of your products… and one way to do it is making the photo look like its being used in an everyday life or make it look more natural to the viewer as in the photo above.

Shadows will make things look real because in everyday life we see shadows of everything around us.

So how do you get hard shadows on your photo?

Let’s go!

Option #1 – The Sun

Next time when you are in the sun look at your shadows from different angles, your shadows will change based on your position right?

Now you can literally take your product outdoors, set up a small table, choose the background that you will use (it could be a paperboard and you can find them at any DIY stores) and start using the sun as your primary light to get the shadows.

If the sun is way too strong, you can try and add a parchment paper on top of your table to mellow the light down a little.


Option #2 – Hard light

This is my favorite way of achieving those shadows because I have total control of the light.

The easiest way to find your indoor hard light is, if you have a softbox, go ahead and take off the material that covers the front of the box.

The light in there will give you the hard shadows based on the way you position the light.

Option #3 – Artificial

I know I didn’t mention the 3rd option but why not right? 🙂

Here is the thing,

Sometimes the natural way will not 100% cooperate with you, and you know what you do?

You artificial add hard shadows on your photo and make it look like they are real!

You could use different software to get the outcome, however, my favorite of all times is good old Photoshop.

So, play around with the natural light, with the indoor light and your camera settings. And if those fail try to photoshop the look and you will get the result that you have in the photo above.

Go ahead and follow the steps and I believe you should achieve the results you were hoping for.

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Stay Positive,

Love yourself,

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