If you own an eCommerce store or even sell physical products on platforms such as Amazon.com, then you know you need to have a white background for your product photography.

However, getting a white background in product photography has been a mystery to someone who hasn’t spent hours, nights, tears and sweat trying to figure this whole thing out.

Well, hopefully, I can solve that mystery for you in this article and you’ll be able to start getting white background on your photos!


Before diving into it, let me tell you that there are numerous ways of getting a white background for your product photography, but in this post, I will give away the quickest and most effective way you can use to achieve what you like.

Step #1 – Place your product on a white surface.

This could be a white table, a white paper board, or white acrylic… you get the idea right?

We want to have a white surface before even getting into the background.

Step #2 – Place a softbox behind the product.

Ok! here is the trick.

After you take care of the surface, now place your product on the white surface that you had in step#1.

Now, place a softbox behind the product.

Note: Make sure to keep some distance between the product and the softbox.

The idea of having a softbox behind the product is to get a white background, simple!

Step #3 – Lighting up the product.

Now that you have your surface and the background, you still need to light up the product.

To light up the product, you can place 2 softboxes on the sides (one at each side) and the product should look bright enough for you to start testing out some shots.

I will tell you, however, if your product has a transparent or translucent packaging the trick to placing the softbox behind the product to achieve a white background could be tough.

I will share with you in another article some other way of getting white background photography for more complex products.

I hope this article was helpful.

Play around with your camera settings and you will get the result that you have in the photo above.

Go ahead and follow the steps and I believe you should achieve the results you were hoping for.

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Stay Positive,

Love yourself,

Because you deserve to be happy:)


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